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"Le Fragonard"
Les Hameaux du soleil 06270 Villeneuve Loubet
Tél : 04 93 73 49 49
Fax : 09 81 70 32 19

For privates

You just bought a new house with a pool, SUN PISCINES, offers to check the working condition, clean it, and repair if necessary your new pool.

Swimming for you, maintenance for Sun Piscines

1. Pond care (Analysis and Water Treatment)
2. Renovation of tanks and equipment rooms
3. Leak detection
4. repairs
5. Repair ...
6. Getting Started Basin
7. Winter and frost protection of the basin

We can offer appropriate contracts:

  • Contract commissioning and wintering
  • Maintenance contract to assist you during the bathing season (May-August)
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Optional and at your request we can offer additional services


You rent your second home, we schedule our visits the day before the arrival of your tenants to enable them to have a pool clean on arrival!
SUNPICINES organizes everything, now it's easier than ever to enjoy your pool time this summer! We are releasing the heavy maintenance work to the examination of water

Enjoy your vacation, SUNPISCINES  is responsible for maintenance

Reservations for the return to service and wintering of your pool will ensure a punctual and reliable service

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